Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slow on the Uptake

Wow. I am slow on the uptake.

As I was preparing breakfast this morning, suddenly, out of the blue, it hit me. You pro-Confederate flag people? You're not being honest.

I should've seen this weeks ago. I've wasted my time responding to you because you and I weren't pursuing remotely the same goals.

I grew up in the northeast, and I was as politically ignorant as it is possible for a kid to be. And even I knew there was something up with that flag. If I knew, then... you knew. You knew.

And now you're trying to deny what you knew. It's clear you never read the facts about the origin of the flag, or its resurgence as a segregationist symbol in the fifties and sixties, and you never will. You don't acknowledge that the white terrorist who murdered nine people in a black church in South Carolina was inspired by that flag. You don't talk about the black churches that have burned since then. And you sure don't talk about the fact that organizations have been trying to get that flag removed from the South Carolina Capitol for decades.

No, all you do is smirk, and spout some self-satisfied drivel. You obfuscate. You pretend that this is just a gout of liberal guilt that came out of nowhere. You blame Obama. You talk about the Dukes of Hazzard and throw around the word "censorship", disregarding the fact that no one is censoring you. You grab whatever nonsense is at hand and throw it back in the faces of anyone foolish enough to attempt dialogue with you.

Well I'm done. I'm not going to bother engaging with you any more, because I understand now that you haven't been giving me the same assumption of clean intent I've given you. Have your fun with your filthy rag. I'm going to see how I can help get it taken down from the South Carolina Capitol.

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