Friday, January 15, 2010

Relief for Haiti

I got the following e-mail from a friend the other day. The next day, after looking up Partners in Health on Charity Navigotor and finding that 95% of their budget goes to operational expenses, I donated to them.

Dear friends and family,

I have just received an email from a dear friend who has worked extensively in Haiti in the field of public health in the past.

As he reports:

"Conditions there are deplorable at the best of times, and yesterday's earthquake will have exacerbated health, poverty and infrastructure problems enormously. The quake could not have hit a more vulnerable country or city (the capital, Port-au-Prince).

"Partners in Health" ( is the most effective aid organization I know, and they already do a lot of work in Haiti. I haven't had work in several months, but I just sent Partners in Health $500, in addition to my regular monthly donation. I am encouraged by President's Obama's intention to do all he can for Haiti, but I can guarantee that Partners in Health will address the problems more quickly and more efficiently than the U.S. government.

If you have any interest in helping alleviate this disaster, please go to, click on "Donate now to help earthquake relief," and give whatever amount you can afford to Partners in Health. Any amount will be useful. If you prefer to give to another organization, by all means, do so, as soon as possible."

I invite you to join me in helping to get medical supplies and disaster support where it needs to go today.

Love to all,


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